In New Orleans’ French Quarter, Cafe Du Monde is a historic coffee shop famed for its French-style beignets and cafe au lait. The coffee is blended with chicory and the beignets come dusted in powdered sugar. Since the original was establish in 1862, seven more outposts have opened across Louisiana.

In honor of Mardi Gras week, I have to share with you the one recipe that brings me back there with found memories! I spent 18 months there, including 2 Mardi Gras festivities. It’s not hard to collect unique and unforgivable souvenirs!

The food in New Orleans is amazing, one of a kind, and not for the faint of heart… I mean look at the layer of powdered sugar on those beignets! I carefully selected actual pictures from “Cafe du Monde” restaurant itself. Because no one in their right mind put that much sugar on anything!!!

I am not going to pretend this recipe is mine, I am not even going to re-write for you, because I found the perfect copycat recipe! Tried it a few times and always turns out great. Apparently it’s essential to use cottonseed oil for frying, but I always used canola and it was great!

Like any yeast dough recipe, it requires a couple of hours of rising, but it’s so worth it. Also note, they are meant to be served right away, beignets don’t have a reputation of being amazing later on… so make only what you need!

And if you want to feel like in the Big Easy, serve with a cup of chicory café au lait!

Let the good times roll!!!

Bon appetit!


Comment below if you give it a try!