Bio Orto - Organic Lemon EVOO

Bio Orto - Organic Lemon EVOO

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Bio Orto Lemon oil: a fresh flavoured olive oil

Do you want to add a fresh, tasty accent to your dish? The Bio Orto lemon oil is made from fragrant Italian lemons that are pressed together with the characteristic Capitanata olive. The result is a fresh, light olive oil with a delicate aroma that lingers for a long time. Bio Orto knows how to capture the Italian sun in a most adorable bottle with this flavoured olive oil.

The glass bottle features a very artistic drawing of a lemon. Pure simplicity that looks very stylish on any table or counter.

How do you use the flavoured lemon oil from Bio Orto?

This fresh olive oil is a delicious seasoning for salads, tartar, grilled fish, roasts and vegetables. A little bit of oil creates a lot of effect. Pour a splash over your dish and enjoy!

Capitanata olive oil as a base for an aromatic oil

Capitanata is an Italian region with an ideal climate for Peranzana olives. This type of olive is a rare breed, whose tree does not allow itself to be cultivated, but follows the flow of nature. The trees only bear fruit when the weather and climate are good. In Peranzana olive oil you will therefore taste a fruity taste full of character and with numerous additional aromas.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil* (90%), fresh lemon* (10%)