Bittered Sling- Aromatic Bitters 6/box

Bittered Sling- Aromatic Bitters 6/box

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A unique selection of bitters that's perfect for the hobby mixologist or dinner hosts. Bittered Sling's Creative Flavours Gift Box contains six of their most popular and versatile bitters. They include Grapefruit & Hops, Plum & Root Beer, and Kensington, named for the Toronto market, with a dry, aromatic, intense herbal flavour. Use them in classic cocktails like an old fashioned or add to soda water, real citrus beverages, or ginger beer. The bitters also add great flavour to marinades or sorbet.

Ingredients: alcohol (40% alc/vol.) water, natural flavours dreived from quality ingredients.

Origin: France

Flavors and uses:
  • CREATIVE FLAVOURS – The perfect gift for a beginner to master mixologist. The 6 unique flavours each of these aromatic bitters contain allow for the creation of virtually unlimited combinations of incredibly complex and delicious cocktails.
  • CASCADE CELERY – Beverage Tasting Institute International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal (2014), savoury and floral with expressions of summertime green herbs; notes of celery, dill and caraway, the floral character of hops and chamomile and the bittering power of angelica and dandelion. Pair with Bourbon, whisky, Tequila and mezcal, white spirits, sake, dry vermouth and other aromatized wines, sherry, sparkling water & wine; amazing in Bloody Marys/Caesars.
  • ORANGE & JUNIPER – Tasting notes of fresh orange peels, herbaceous juniper and bright green cardamom with the bittering power of bright, fresh turmeric and cinchona bark. Perfect as an addition to sparkling or flat water, smoothies, tea, white spirits, whisky. Ultimate finish for a hollandaise sauce or marinade for fish/shellfish.
  • CLINGSTONE PEACH – Notes of dried and roasted hot chilies, black and green pepper, almond and peach. Add to teas, white spirits, whisky and rum, Tequila and mezcal, coconut, Tiki, sake, dry vermouth. A killer marinade for chicken, vegetables, fish and shellfish. Amazing paired with coconut and tropical fruit.
  • ARABICA COFFEE – Intensely aromatic, slightly sweet and smoky, with a hint of wild berries and citrus. Best served with: cognac & brandy, rum, world whiskies, tequila & mezcal, oak-matured spirits, chartreuse & bitter liqueurs, sherry & vermouths, hot chocolate, and tropical fruits. Meat & vegetable seasoning. Brines, marinades and sauces.