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Garlic Powder

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Add fresh garlic zing to any dish with this Garlic Powder. Ground garlic powder has the full-bodied aroma and savouriness of fresh garlic that is slightly sweeter and less harsh. A common seasoning, garlic powder is a component of seasoned salt and is frequently found in spice rubs and marinades for barbecue. It adds excellent garlic flavour when sprinkled on pizza and pasta or added to a soup such as roasted red pepper. Garlic powder is an excellent flavouring ingredient in hamburgers or meatloaf and is also delicious sprinkled on popcorn.

Origin: China
Does not contain anti-caking agent, therefor product may clump. This does not affect the quality.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY EVERYDAY SEASONING – A delicious seasoning made from dehydrating whole peeled fresh garlic cloves & grinding into a fine powder. Add Garlic Powder seasoning when cooking meat or vegetables, or lightly seasoning your recipes.
  • GARLIC VS. GARLIC POWDER – Aside from convenience's sake, you should use garlic powder when raw garlic’s stickiness is an issue, like in a barbecue dry rub, or when you don’t want an overpowering raw garlic note. Don’t think of garlic powder as a replacement for garlic, but rather its own ingredient & a pantry essential seasoning.
  • LESS PRONE TO BURNING – A huge advantage to using Garlic Powder is it’s less prone to burning. If you try to saute in oil or butter it will burn, BUT if you’re baking or broiling something & want to incorporate a garlic flavor, your best bet is to go for Garlic powder - HELLO GARLIC BREAD!
  • HOMEMADE DRESSINGS – A common use for Garlic Powder is for making homemade caesar or ranch dressings. In Ranch dressing’s case, raw garlic distracts from the tangy buttermilk and chives, and gets even stronger the following day. Using Garlic Powder eliminates those issues resulting in a delicious dressing every time.
  • OTHER USES – The taste of Garlic Powder is pungent but soft, significantly less spicy than chopped raw or sauteed garlic. For soups, stews, dips, and sauces where garlic is only a minor flavor component, rather than a start ingredient, Garlic Powder is the PERFECT choice.