Gelatin sheets - Gold grade

Gelatin sheets - Gold grade

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10 sheets, 20 gr

  • EASY TO USE – These sheets are easy to measure for the amount you need in your dish. When you have the right amount, simply soak them in cold water for 5 minutes then squeeze them gently. When preparing a hot dish, place the resulting gelatine into the hot ingredients and it will instantly dissolve. When cooking a cold dish, dissolve the resulting gelatine in some hot water and then stir your cold ingredients into it.
  • GOLD GRADE – The gold grade has a bloom strength of 200, which is higher than silver grade and lower than platinum grade. The gold rating means your dish will set firmly.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Professional chefs choose leaf gelatine over powdered gelatine for many reasons. Not only is it easy to measure and use but it produces better results. The dishes have a smoother consistency and set much clearer.
  • A DISCREET INGREDIENT – Leaf gelatine is an odourless and colourless product. The thickening agent is also tasteless so it firms your dishes without negatively affecting the resulting flavours or aesthetics.
  • VERSATILE – Use this gold grade leaf gelatine to thicken a cold soup, enhance a glaze, set a jelly or bavarois, firm a mousse or make some marshmallows.

Ingredients: Pure pork gelatine

Made in Germany