Pasta Portoghese -  Abissini

Pasta Portoghese - Abissini

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The Abissini are part of the special short pasta family. Their concave shape resembles that of seashells that are found in the seabed. The Abissini are excellent served with light tomato sauces, ricotta or garden vegetables.

The Pasta Michele Portoghese is an artisanal production.

Many years ago, pasta production was completely manual; after the dough was ready, the next phase was the extrusion by using the old fashioned press, and finished by drying the pasta either with the heat of the sun or in a room heated by the antique stoves.

Today, the pasta of Pasta Michele Portoghese is made using the traditional methods, but is guaranteed with state-of-the-art quality controls, hand selected grains and the perfect dose of durum wheat semolina. Our drying process is slow with a low temperature as it is the most delicate phase requiring maximum attention. The temperature notably affects both the taste and protein content, therefore, our process ensures a high nutritional value, the flavor of the product and causes the pasta to maintain a high quality performance during and after cooking.

Our wholewheat pasta is rich in fiber and easily digestible, making it a great alternative to the classic durum wheat pasta.

Made in Tuscany, Italy