Cooking Classes FAQs


Revised May 1st, 2022.

This list of questions and answers will help you understanding how our classes are conducted while the risk of Covid-19 is still present.



As of March 11th, we are no longer require patrons and staff members to wear a face covering.

As of April 8th, we are no longer require patrons to show their vaccine passport to attend our cooking classes. 

How are we seating? 

All of our tables are seating 2 persons per table. When a class is full, tables will be put together in seating of 4.

If you are coming as a single, couple or group of 3, you will be seated with other participants. Tables can be placed differently if you have a group booking. 

If you wish to be seated by yourself, this can not be guaranteed until 24 hours prior to the event, and only if the class is not full. You may contact us to be added to our waitlist.

Will I be preparing my own food?

Our classes are demonstration type of events. The chef will be cooking and teaching how all the food is made before serving it to you. Limited hands on classes will be indicated. 

Do I need one ticket per person?

Yes, our class prices are always per person. 

I have a credit or a gift certificate, how can use it toward a class?

Give us a call or visit us to register. We will need your name to find your credit or gift certificate number. If your credit doesn’t cover the cost of the class you’re registering for, you can pay the difference by credit card over the phone, or by cash and debit in store.

Are the events kids friendly?

Our events are designed for adults to attend. Unless they indicate that they are specifically for kids in the description. However, you could come with a child who is 12 years old or older and accompanied by an adult. Give us a call for more details.

Can I reserve my seat?

No, sorry. Seating is first come first served! You can come up to 15 min prior to the event start, no earlier. If you come earlier, please wait outside.

Can we shop during the class?

Yes! As usual, we do offer 10% off towards any shopping done the day of the class. If you prefer to enjoy your 10% off another time, we will give you a code to redeem in the next 7 days, to shop online or in store, at your convenience (code can only be used once in the 7 days period, and only by class attendees). 

How much food is serve?

Usually, 3 courses are being served in an event, unless otherwise noted, or specialty class (such as Sourdough, pastry classes, technical classes). Portions may not be full portions each, but enough to fill you up by the end of the class, so come hungry!

Can I take home leftovers?

Sorry, no. Except for pastry classes when indicated.

What if I have food allergies?

Please talk to us before registering. Food allergies can not always be accommodated. Our Chef will be able to decide whether or not modifications can be made, if you give us at least 72 hours notice. 

If I cancel will I get a refund?

You can request a full refund or to move to another event, when cancelling 72 hours prior event starts. Any cancellation within 72 hours will not be refunded and we can not move you to another event or issue a credit. No exceptions. However, you can send someone in your place. 

What happens if there aren't enough participants for the event?

We do require a minimum of participants for an event to run. As we do receive often last minute bookings, we reserve ourselves the right to wait up to 48hrs prior to cancel an event, in which case, every registered guests will be notified by phone and email. Options to be refunded or transferred to another event will be offered.

Can I book a group?

Yes! You can book as many tickets as they're available. Please note that if you are booking more than 4 tickets for one event, a 1 week cancellation policy applies rather than the usual 72 hours. If you are cancelling your group less than a week prior to the class, you will not be refunded and we can not move you to another event or issue a credit. But you send others in your place.

If some guests in your group (to a max of 4 guests) can not make it to the event, individual cancelation policy applies (72 hours prior).

If you are looking to book a group of 10 or more, please inquire about our private party service!


What happens if Covid-19 restrictions changes before the event?

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been very hard to predict when restrictions will be lifted or back in place. We only schedule events for dates when the restrictions allow. However, if we no longer can run the event, we will cancel or postpone it to a later date. You will be notified by email as soon as we cancel and we will offer you a choice of either leaving your credit with us for a later event, or to use this credit to shop in store, or you can be issued a refund.

To acknowledge…

Attending any sorts of social event presents a risk of contracting Covid-19, that you are willing to take when you come for our cooking classes. You will be asked to sign a waiver upon entering the store, include your contact information, certify that you are in good health and agree to accept the risks without holding Eden West Gourmet responsible.