Discover Peruvian Cuisine!


Welcome back Chef Anahi!!!
We are so thrilled to have Anahi Rivadeneira back in the EWG kitchen! Anahi was born in Peru and will be presenting numerous events about amazing Peruvian cuisine. Her past events were such success, we can't wait to try more of her amazing dishes!

Why is Peruvian food so trendy right now?
Peruvian cuisine has always been one of the best! Graced by the enormous variety of ingredients, Peruvian dishes are incredibly full of surprising flavors. Added to this, the influence of so many immigrants, such as Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish and more have brought many fusion dishes that are incredibly unique! Read more in this article by Kosmo Peru.
Peru also host some of the best, most respected chefs in the world, such as Gaston AcurioPia LeonVirgilio Martinez and many more!
But it is only recently that we have started seeing Peruvian restaurants around us and the doors are finally opening for everyone to get a taste!

At Eden West Gourmet, not only you will get to try many of those delicious dishes but also learn a lot about the country, the culture and the background of the cuisine, with the enormous knowledge that Anahi brings!

See the upcoming events with Chef Anahi and discover the taste of Peru!
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Use code "discovery" when booking online, or mention the promotion when booking by phone at 604-939-6200, until September 30th midnight.