7 Hours Leg of Lamb

7 hours leg of lamb

I don’t remember celebrating Easter without lamb. It is definitely a European tradition.

There are many ways you can cook lamb, but this gotta be my favorite Easter recipe. It is so easy! Don’t fooled by the name! It’s 7 hours of unattended cooking, there’s about just 30 min of prep and 30 min at the end to finish the dish, that’s it! So plenty of time to enjoy time with the family!

Also because it will win the hearts of people who think they don’t like lamb… They would most likely fall for this one! I know my kids do! And we have friends that come back every Easter to eat with us, knowing that’s what we will eat! The meat is so tender, like fork tender, and the sauce makes it just rich enough.

It’s amazing served with a side of pureed carbs, take your pick: mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes or celery root, or grits, polenta, risotto… all yummy! Green beans optional!

Now, I always pick a leg of lamb without the bone (about 3 to 4 lbs a piece). Its is better to cook your leg with the bone, definitely adds flavor… BUT, I made that mistake once, never again… With the bone, it didn’t fit any of the pots I had at home! I had to knock on a few of my neighbors doors, until finally one landed me a massive slow cooker and saved the day!

Yes, you can definitely use a slow cooker for this recipe, just make sure it’s big enough!

I am sharing this recipe now so you can grab a nice leg of lamb ahead of Easter! If you are Port Moody local, you can find amazing quality lamb at Confetti’s European Meat Market! I have spoken to them and they will be stocked as best as possible for Easter, but it is preferable to place your order asap (like a week ahead) to guarantee your piece!

Please comment below if you give it a try! Would love to hear back!

Bon appetit and happy Easter!




  • This lamb recipe was absolutely delicious. Did it in the oven as it wouldn’t fit the crockpot. Will definitely be making it again. My granddaughter, who very rarely will eat meat, loved it.

  • Thank you for this recipe Valentine. I was just looking for a boneless leg of lamb recipe.

    Will let you know how it turns out.



    Sandy Ma

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