Brown Butter Nut Cream Financiers

Brown butter nut cream financiers

Financiers are some of my favorite treats to bake! Not only they are delicious, but very fast to make, to cook and to eat!

Many variations are possible. You can use other nut flour such as hazelnut or pistachio. They are not necessarily filled with anything, but often you’ll find them with fresh raspberries. I love them with a little bit of filling such as a nut cream!

Brown butter adds another depth of nuttiness that compliments the recipe so well! Any good cook probably knows how to make brown butter, but you can’t beat the convenience of already made and measured Hunter Browns Butter Cubes!

Why are they called Financiers? Financier, in French, is a person who owns and handles large sums of money. The original shape of those little cakes resemble a gold brick and they are golden in color after baking, and that’s how they got their money related name!

typical Financier shape

Give them a try and let me know which flavor you choose to go with!

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Bon appetit!



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