Butternut Squash Red Curry

Butternut squash red curry

Curry is hands down one of my favorite meal of all time! I love curry! Red, green, yellow, Thai, Indian, Japanese…

That blend of spices warms your inside with the perfect combination of flavors. It’s just so delicious! And versatile! You can easily make a vegan curry and just add protein, plant based or meat, to make a dinner that the whole family can enjoy.

Now that the nights are much cooler, curry is back on the menu, at least once a week! This time we are using a perfect fall vegetable: butternut squash. It marries so well with the creamy coconut and the spicy red curry!

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Bon appetit




  • This recipe was so easy to make and so delicious.

  • This was a fabulous recipe to make. So easy and so delicious.


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