Camping Donuts

Camping donuts

Disclaimer; this is not a high class recipe, selling the beautiful products of our store… but… we love it so much!

I have started camping only 2 years ago, which is great timing, since we haven’t been able to travel for the past 2 summers! Of course, I like to bring some tasty food while going on vacation. But because we are tent camping, it needs to be easy and requires minimum preparation, ingredients and utensils.

One of the first thing I search for online before going on our first camping trip, was some fun recipes to make outdoor. And I came across this one on a camping forum. Let me tell you, it’s been a hit with every one I camped with so far!

The ingredients are super simple (only 4), cheap, easy to find and carry (as long as you have a cooler). For utensils, you only need a stove, a good pan, a pair of tongues, or even forks would do, and plates. You can have your first batch ready in less than 15 minutes!

Usually, where we camp (in BC, Canada), it’s always chill in the morning, so it’s a very warming breakfast, after a night of fresh air, to wake up to fresh donuts, and of course, coffee!

Hey! You don’t need to go camping to try them after all, just do it anytime you need a fresh donuts craving to be satisfied! The cinnamon sugar is the easiest to toss in while outdoor, but you could try to fill them with jam or nutella before frying, or glaze them after their are cool! Let me know how that turns out if you do!

See the recipe video on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube and give us a follow! This video was made during our last camping trip, so it is as good as it gets, lol!

Bon appetit!



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