Chocolate Chips Cookies

Chocolate chips cookies

We are so thrilled to have brought back baking chocolates in store than we had to put them to use in an absolute foolproof crowd pleaser recipe!

This recipe has been our go to ever seen back when I was a baker at the Uncommon Cafe. I was making them so often, I know the recipe by heart! But you can have fun with the “add-ons”. White, milk or semi-sweet chocolate chips, or callets we rather call them (the callets are small like chocolate chips but flatter, which is easier to melt in recipes. No worries, they won’t melt and disappear in your cookies!)

We personally just love the combination of the sweet and creamy milk chocolate and the umami flavor brought by the bacon salt! Just a perfect match! White chocolate and macadamia is also a favorite. Semi-sweet chocolate and chili pepper… combinations are endless!

For best results, don’t overbake them, they should look slightly undone when you take them out and let them cool completely so they don’t fall appart. They will be just a little crisp on the sides and tender in the middle. The 2 sugars are also important to achieve that balance of soft and crisp.

But before anything, make sure the butter and the eggs are both are at the same temperature, so the butter creams easily and doesn’t get chunky when you had the eggs (cold eggs would do that).

Lastly, don’t overbeat after adding the flour, so they don’t end up thick and dense.

Voila! All our tips for the best chocolate chips! With our quality Callebault chocolate callets, you’re in for the best treats!

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Bon appetit!



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