Easter Paska

Easter paska

It seems like almost every region of the world celebrating Easter has its own version of Brioche. Paska is tradional in Eastern Europe but also along Mennonites.

I learned to make Paska when working at a Cafe, where the owner and her family had been making this recipe traditionally, every year, and we served it all Easter week long, for the delight of the Cafe’s patrons!

It is a light and fluffy brioche with fragrances of citrus. Best enjoyed the day it is baked, but can easily be frozen for later. I love making little ones to gift around. The recipe is pretty large, but it is meant to be shared!

For the icing, the one offered here is a great addition to the recipe, but you can opt for something as easy as a simple icing made of water and icing sugar if you prefer.

Bon appetit and Happy Easter!



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