Ginger and Wilted Greens Broth

Ginger and wilted greens broth

Who else is done with winter???

We had a couple of teasing days here in Vancouver, BC… Making us all cheerful and hopeful that spring is on its way! But then the rain just showed up again to remind us that we are still, indeed, winter…

If you need a little comfort that doesn’t include a pound of cheese, potatoes and wine, this is just the recipe for you!

It will warm you from the inside out, and make you feel like new! The simplicity and clean taste of this broth is quite surprising. And while you might look at the recipe and think, meh, that’s just not going to cut it… I am begging you to try!

I first tried it when feeling kind of under the weather, because broth and ginger seemed like the right medicine for the moment. But I have done it over and over since! You can do it with other proteins or none. Heck I even threw some chickpeas it in one day and it was amazing!

Hope this will deliver the level of comfort it has for me and you will make it part of your dinner rotation!

Bon Appetit!



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