Homemade crème fraîche


Hummmm... crème fraîche...

Being native from France, I dearly miss been able to buy crème fraîche wherever I go, it's just not widely available in grocery stores and is on the expensive side! So I make my own! Because it so dam easy!

But first you may wonder, why crème fraîche over sour cream, isn't it the same?

First off, if you read the ingredients, crème fraîche is just cream and bacterial culture, that's it. Sour cream on the other hand, usually contains gelatin or other thickeners that just make me question... why the add-ons?

How crème fraîche stabilize into a thick texture without thickeners is simply because it is higher in fat. Crème fraîche is at least 30% or more fat. Sour cream is 14%, more or less depending on the product. Think how butter is solid when cold, well crème fraîche is like 30% butter, so that would explain its thickness.

Because of its higher fat content, it is also more stable when added to hot dishes, it won't split in hot soup and sauces. Definitely a bonus!

You can just use crème fraîche anywhere you usually use sour cream. Crème fraîche is slightly less tangy and more creamy, but also healthier, because it is cultured with bacteria that are good for you, and contains no processed ingredients!

Ready for swap? Try out this recipe and let me know what you think!



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