Lobster Bisque

Lobster bisque

Hello Gourmets!

With Valentine’s day coming up, I wanted to share a very special recipe. It is one of my favorite seafood recipe of all time! Perfect for the occasion; it warms you up on a cold February night and the lobster gets you that royal and luxurious “je ne sais quoi” perfect to impress your loved ones!

For that occasion, I made a video to show you all the steps! You can watch it on our Youtube channel here or on our Instagram HGTV.

I really recommend you read the full recipe or watch the video before starting. You want to make sure sure you have the gear ready and that you are up to boil your own live lobster!

If that steps is just mission impossible for you, just ask ask your lobster provider to kill it for you! Fresh lobster, live or already killed for you, needs to be cooked the day you get it! You don’t have to eat it right away, but at least cook it!

Now I want to share a great local place in Port Moody where you can get amazing fresh lobster for the best price: Sing Lobster. They are wholesaler, so they open to the public only on Saturday, from 10am to 1pm. That works great for this year, since Valentine’s day falls on Sunday! Visit their Facebook page to check the prices and what else they have in store!

Enjoy your lobster, have a great Valentine’s dinner, and please comment if you have made the recipe!

Bon appetit!


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