Mediterranean Whipped Feta Dip

Mediterranean whipped feta dip

Summer is here! Well, almost…

This is a recipe you are going to love serving on those hot summer days! Barely any cooking (the roasted tomatoes are even optional) and it’s put together in 15 min!

Whipped feta is one of those things, once done, you’re just wondering “where have you been all my life!”. So easy, delicious, versatile! Use is as a spread, a dip, a sauce… Serve with roasted veggies, on cooked potatoes, mixed with pasta, as a dip for chicken skewers… I’m even considering topping it with fresh sliced strawberries and a balsamic drizzle! Yum!

I call it a Mediterranean dip, because we used a combo of ingredients from Portugal (our new favorite olive oil), Italy (sundried tomatoes) and Greece (feta, Cyprus salt, Greek seasoning). Feels like vacation in a plate!

If you watch the recipe video, I have made half of the recipe listed below. Michele and I definitely managed to finish that plate just the 2 of us!

Grad some bread or crackers and dig in!

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  • Hi, this looks good, but when I made it, it was way too salty. So I took half of it and blended an avocado into it with some lemon juice and then I was able to eat it.


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