No Bake Strawberry Parfait

No bake strawberry parfait

As we are bracing ourselves for a major heat wave here in beautiful British Columbia, it’s pretty clear that no one wants to get stuck in a hot kitchen!

But it’s also the season for #entertaining (hashtag for entertaining, as it’s going to be a trending word this summer, with Covid restrictions FINALLY lifting!!!) and for fresh local strawberries!

So here is a simple, yet delicious and refreshing dessert you can do without any heat at all (exempt melting the butter, thank you microwave) and enjoy summer flavors!

It’s a perfect dessert to make for a crowd too! I love making those in little glasses to serve individually, you can see the nice layers through!

You could make your own lemon curd, but why bother, we have a delicious one here in store, that will avoid the extra work and heat!

You can use any berries, or even peaches, nectarines, plum… The pink peppercorn on the top is optional but it adds a nice little kick to the creamy sweet dessert.

Do you have a go-to dessert for hot days? Feel free to share!

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Happy summer!



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