Old Fashioned Cocktail

Old fashioned cocktail

Thinking of a drink for Father’s day, we wanted to make something classic, that can’t go out of fashion… Obviously, an Old Fashioned, never goes out of fashion, am I right?

Also, we really wanted to make that drink, because we wanted to taste 2 ways of making an Old Fashioned 2 different ways, both with products we are proud to carry in store!

Method 1: it’s the old fashioned way of making an Old Fashioned (lots of repeat, right?) with bitters and syrup.

Method 2: it’s a shortcut way of making an Old Fashioned, that’s all the fashion right now, with a cocktail mixer that replaces both bitters and syrup!

So how do they compare? Well, we had to try both obviously, so maybe our taste buds got impaired by the amount of Bourbon we had to ingest (it’s a hard job we have here), but we can honestly say that both methods are very comparable in taste, and easily interchangeable!

Which one should you pick then? I would suggest that if you enjoy making all kinds of drinks, invest in the bitters and syrup, because you can use those in other recipes. If Old Fashioned is your drink and you’re not into mixology otherwise, the cocktail mixer is perfect for you! You’ll get all the flavors in one product!

But don’t take our Bourbon influenced word for it, and try it for yourself! Let us know what is your preferred way of making an Old Fashioned!

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Happy Father’s day, happy sipping!



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