Rose Pink Valentine Martini

It's almost Valentine's day!!! So we are inspired by anything to do with pink and flowers!

You might also have decided to go dry this February...

Well that's perfectly fine, because we have a great drink for you!

Have you ever heard of Ceder's Drinks? They are distilled alcohol free spirit, that can be used instead of gin in your favorite cocktails. And we just got the Pink Rose Ceder's in store! Same great drink, with a hint of rose and hibiscus flavor!

Now, if you are not on a Dry Feb, you can just use your favorite Gin instead...

Also, have you ever tried flavored balsamic vinegar in your cocktail? There you go, 2 new things to discover in one drink!

Enjoy and cheers to a very lovely weekend!


Valentine (and I wasn't born on Valentine's day)


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