Pulled Pork

Pulled pork

This is a must have recipe! So many uses for pulled pork, right? In buns, with coleslaw, potatoes, corn, in tacos, tortillas… I love to use it to fill some bread dough, or even brioche dough, and make little buns, like we often do during my bread making class!

On the picture below, we enjoy those Pulled Pork buns in the woods, during our last camping trip. I had cooked everything ahead, store the finished meat in a container and brought along a bag of coleslaw. We just had to warm up the meat and voila! Delicious meal in no time!

Make sure to use pork shoulder, no other kind. Boneless cooks faster and take less room in your dish, but you can use shoulder with bone, and add more cooking time. Don’t remove the fat layer before cooking, you can remove it easily after cooking, and skim the fat off the sauce. It is highly recommended to skim some of that fat, trust me, your sauce will just be better. I tried to skip that step one time, it was really over greasy.

The meat, once prepared, freezes very well, so it makes great leftover for an uninspired day

Here, we offer you several options, for the same amazing result; make your own BBQ sauce, or buy a perfectly good one from our store. 3 ways you can cook it: oven, slow cooker or Instant Pot. The slow cooker is my favorite, because I leave on all night and come back to the most tender meat! This is the method used in the recipe video, even though it is a pressure cooker, Instant Pot like, I used the slow cooking settings.

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