Roasted Squash Tahini Spread

Roasted squash tahini spread

I have so many recipes that includes squash, I am only getting started! I know, last week already I was sharing a butternut squash curry… but since I have left over squash, I couldn’t resist doing this one too! Promise, I’ll take a break and cook something different next week… Or will I?

I thought this one could be a good one to share for Thanksgiving. Something different to offer as an appy.

I have a few people around me that can’t digest chick peas well, so they never get to enjoy a good hummus. Hummus is such a staple in my house, a go to snack, I wanted to create a for a chick pea free recipe for them. If you want, you could add half a can of chick pea to this recipe though, if you don’t mind them!

So you can pretty much make a hummus, replacing the chick peas with roasted squash! You have the lovely creamy texture of squash and the flavors of fall we love so much, married with Middle Eastern spices. It’s just so good!

The Rose Harissa is one of my favorite condiment in the store: it has the spiciness of harissa paste, but mixed together with rose petals… it is just amazing! Add as little or as much as you want, depending on how spicy you like your food.

The Za’atar spice mix adds crunch and extra bold flavors and the goat cheese balances everything with that sharp and creamy flavor.

Get your toasts ready for dipping!

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