Smoking Negroni

So, have you been trying smoking drinks yet?

We received recently at the store, those portable food infusion smoker and wood chips, and I just started experimenting with it.

I never smoked food or owned a smoker. But love the taste of smoke! If you are new at smoking, or looking to smoke small amount of food, those little smoker are a great start.

With this smoker, you smoke drinks, cheeses or a charcuterie platter, small portion of meat or proteins and more!

I had to test it a few time to get it right... If you ignite your chips and they burn too fast, the smoke is too intense and you'll have burnt taste instead of smoked. But after a few trials, I finally got the right amount of smoke!

For smoking s drink like the Negroni, you can either smoke a jar where you swirl your cocktail mix, or smoke your cocktail glass before pouring your drink in it. It is not necessary to do both. I just did both in the video for show.

I even smoked a little plate of cured meat and cheese, by turning a large mixing bowl over the plate and sticking the smoke gun in it.

This is a great gift idea for someone who enjoys something fun to experiment with!

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