Spotted Prawns Ceviche

Spotted prawns ceviche

Tis the season of spotted prawns!!!

Ceviche is a Peruvian dish made with raw fish “cooked” in lime juice and added to other fresh ingredient for a refreshing and flavorful mix. Peruvian food is highly Japanese influenced, and the combination of the 2 cultures end in amazing dishes with incredible flavor.

Since the spotted prawns are so fresh right now, it is an excellent ingredient to sub for raw fish. You can use raw prawns, just make sure they are super fresh, like, still alive when you buy them! Don’t take a chance, buy them from good quality seafood store such as Inlet Seafood (in Port Moody).

Malcolm at Inlet Seafood recommends you place your order ahead as they fast sold! Also, the prawns arrive live everyday of the week. On the weekend, they will sell them without their head, still fresh though.

If you can not bring yourself to cut the head of a live prawn, or you just can’t go with 100% raw, you can poach them very quickly in hot water, just 30 seconds will do!

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