Summer Fruits Crisp

Summer fruits crisp

Is summer over soon? Unfortunately, yes… So let’s make the most of it!

Between making charcuterie boxes and hosting cooking classes, we sometimes find ourselves with too many left over fruits… Not to worry, we never let them going bad!

I believe the first time I made a crisp (or crumble, they are apparently the same thing), was in middle school, as part of an cooking exploration workshop. It struck me back then, as a kid, how easy and fast it was! Plus, we always had those ingredients in our kitchen (you can omit the spices). My family really enjoyed my new found obsession for this dessert, as I made it with pretty much every fruits possible!

That’s right, anything goes: strawberry-rhubarb, banana-apple-chocolate chips, all berries, berries-apple, peaches, plums-berries… I mean, you get it…

Best served in the summer with vanilla ice cream, and in the winter with a cup of hot tea, it’s a classic, anytime dessert!

So next time you end up with softening fruits almost ready for the green bin, just make a crisp! In the recipe’s video, it’s just what I did. I had on hand: strawberries, blackberries, one peach, one plum, that no one wanted to eat… Fruits saved, dessert craving satisfied!

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What are you making your crisp with? let us know in the comments!

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