The Best Whatever Cookie

OK, now you are probably wondering, what is a "whatever cookie"?

Well, the original recipe that my daughter found on the internet was called a "chipless chocolate chip cookie". And, as you guessed it, it is simply a cookie, with nothing in it, no chips of anything... but so delicious!!!!

My daughter Elisa, had the great idea, to add some easter mini eggs in some of them! And so I thought this would be a great recipe to share for Easter, or for any time!

So I call it the "whatever cookie", because it is great with nothing in it, just soft, chewy, lightly crispy on the edges, even better just warm... but you also choose to add whatever type of "chips" in it!

You know what is the secret to those cookies, why a chipless cookie would be so good? It is all thanks to the brown butter! If you really want and extraordinary cookies, don't skip making your brown butter! See the video tutorial here.

I always make a pound of brown butter at the time, because, since it's a process, mind as well make more at once. It keeps for a few weeks in the fridge, just like regular butter, and you can also freeze it! Try cooking your fish, steak, green veggies or starchy veggies with it, it's so delicious!

You can of course make this recipe with regular butter, but you will be missing on the delicious caramelized nutty flavor from the brown butter!

Although this is not our picture (we eat them too fast and were not thinking we would blog about it!) the cookies will look similar to the one in the picture.

Have fun with this recipe and let me know how you like them cookies!

Happy Easter!




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