Sourdough Guide

Chef Valentine, owner of Eden West Gourmet, has been teaching how to make sourdough for many years now! It is our best selling class to this day! We put this complete guide together for you so you always have a place to go for reference. But there’s nothing like attending the class in live! Check our calendar of classes to see when the next one is scheduled, in our store or online!

Get a starter

You can buy a sourdough starter directly from us. Come in person to pick up a fresh starter. Order online here.

Make a starter

We have the complete guide on how to make your own starter here. Note it will take a good week for it to be ready!

Care for your starter

Chef Valentine has recorded a video on how to care for your starter here.

Below you can see a timelapse of how a healthy starter behaves in the 14 hours or so after feeding:

How a healthy starter grows after feeding.

How to make sourdough bread

Come to one of our live classes! It’s best way to learn. You can interact and ask all the questions you can possibly think of! Check our calendar here.

Here is the complete written guide and recipe for your reference.

Share with us!

We love the community that sourdough making has created. Be part of it! Share your accomplishment with us! Tag @edenwestgourmet on Facebook and Instagram. Share with your friends your experience!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your sourdough journey!

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