Chef Luis' classes

Mexican Seafood Night

  • Camarones zarandeados: grilled prawns, staple from the pacific coast, this recipe is a must try item at any pacific coast Mexican city
  • Tacos de pulpo al ajillo: octopus tacos, Pan Seared octopus with huajillo pepper & garlic, served with Guacamole and Spicy slaw
  • Jalapeño sauce
  • Green Rice: Cilantro & Jalapeño rice packed with flavour and amazing complement of a dish
  • Pastel 3 leches: Mexican cake made of 3 different milk!


Tacos Masterclass

  • Creamy Avocado Dip, served with tortilla chips.
  • Authentic Tacos, including:
    • Cochinita pibil: Yucatán most famous pork in annato seed and sour orange
    • Xnipec: Mayan's onion and Habanero Salsa
    • Tinga de Pollo: chicken in tomato and chipotle adobo sauce
    • Salsa Tatemada: charred tomato and jalapeno sauce
    • Tortillas from scratch
  • Pan de Elote: Mexican flourless corn bread


Mexican Fiesta

  • Pork Pozole: traditional Mexican stew that dates back to the Aztecs. Hearty broth made with homini and roasted dry chillies, pork meat, serves traditionally with shaved lettuce, radishes, lime and diced onions
  • Baja Fish Tacos: Traditional from the Ensenada region, one of the most famous Mexican tacos, originally deep fried in pork fat and served with a composite mayo and a crispy slaw, this tacos are a must. Served with freshly made tortillas.
  • Leche Cocida: Traditional Mexican Milk Custard Dessert, this is Chef Luis' grandma recipe! A very old recipe, close to creme anglaise that is made traditionally with raw milk, sugar and vanilla. Perfect ending for our class!