Favuzzi - Beechwood Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Favuzzi - Beechwood Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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100 ml  



This unique extra virgin olive oil obtains its particular flavor profile through beechwood smoking, a process that takes place exclusively in the Mediterranean region. This artisanal product has an intense smoky aroma and a slightly bitter taste.


The complexity of its flavors makes it an ideal finishing oil for salads, pasta dishes, fish and even seafood. Its intense smoky notes also make it an excellent complement to grilled meats and vegetables. Try this unique oil today and enjoy its distinct flavor!

Distinctives attributes

Obtained through artisanal production techniques, the traditional beechwood smoking process used provides an intense smoky aroma. Enjoy a truly distinctive taste experience with this special product.


Extra virgin olive oil (Peranzana olives).

Origin: Andria, Apulia, Italy.