Fox Nut & Snack Sea Salt Chips

Fox Nut & Snack Sea Salt Chips

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120 g.

 The classic 'sea salt potato chips' represent an icon in the world of snacks, a return to the roots of taste that has captivated people for generations. These chips offer a historical and authentic flavor experience that captures the simplicity and purity of traditional tastes. Each chip is thinly sliced and expertly cooked to achieve maximum crispiness while preserving the natural flavor of the potatoes.

The real magic lies in the sea salt used to season these crunchy delights. Carefully harvested from the crystalline waters of the ocean, sea salt adds a perfectly balanced hint of salinity that enhances the natural taste of the potatoes. It's a flavor that evokes memories of days spent by the seaside.

The secret of these chips lies in their simplicity and authenticity. There are no frills or excessive seasonings—just high-quality potatoes and sea salt. Yet, it is precisely this simplicity that makes them so charming. Every bite is a journey through time, a taste of tradition that reconnects generations.

The classic Sea Salt Potato Chips are the perfect companion for any occasion, from appetizers with friends to afternoon snacks. They are a tribute to the past and a timeless pleasure for the present, an unmistakable burst of flavor that pays homage to the history and simplicity of authentic tastes. Irresistible!

Free from Gluten and Palm Oil



Potatoes 69.3%, sunflower oil 29.3%, sea salt 1.4%.


Nutritional Facts


100g 25g
Energy 2217 (kJ) 554 (kJ)
529 (kcal) 132 (kcal)
Fat 29 7.25
Of which saturates 2.4 0
Carbohydrates 57 14.25
Of which sugars 0.5 0.125
Protein 6.6 1.65
Dietary Fiber 5.5 1.375
Salt 1.40 0.35