Portlandia - Organic Cocktail Sauce

Portlandia - Organic Cocktail Sauce

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482 gr

With subtle hints of pineapple and the bite of organic horseradish, Portlandia Cocktail Sauce is a versatile culinary companion. Enjoy as a substitute for ketchup or tomato sauce, mixed into your Bloody Mary, or served with shrimp from the briny deep. This complement to your seafood will decorate your dish with its naturally bright ingredients and brings the nostalgia of rich, creamy ketchup. Organic, healthy and delicious.


Organic Tomato Paste 
Organic White Distilled Vinegar 
Organic Cane Sugar 
Organic Horse Radish 
Sea Salt
Organic Red Jalapeño
Organic Lemon Juice 
Organic Tamari 
Organic Tamarind 
Organic Spices 
Organic Onion Powder
Organic Garlic 
Organic Celery Seed 
Organic Mustard Seed