French Onion Dip

Being French, I had to try this!

It's like French Onion soup, but as a dip! Now that's a different and delicious dip to serve on SuperBowl Sunday!

Very simple to make, with easy to find ingredients, it is just wise to start it early so the onions get time to cool down before you mix them in the cream mixture. Because you need to cook and caramelize those onions, just like French onion soup, for 20 to 30 min. The rest is super easy and fast!

I first had it with Roasted Shallots Gone Crackers, which were just great, when I first made the recipe and took pictures. But I have tried it since with baguette toasts and potato chips and it's also amazing! I think the baguette is my favorite.

I haven't tried to broil the top to make it look like French onion soup, I was too worried it would melt the cream away... But if you do dare to do it, please report back!

Hope you love it as much as I do and comment back here!

Enjoy the game and the dip!




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