Michel Chatillon - Florentins, Dark Chocolate Caramel

Michel Chatillon - Florentins, Dark Chocolate Caramel

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100 gr  

According to the legend, it was under Louis XII, Anne de Bretagne's husband, that a master pastry chef, who worked for the Médicis of Florence, came to Brittany and created a choice "palet", delicately flavoured with honey, almonds, orange or lemon, and chocolate. Thus the Florentin was born.

Today the "Maison Chatillon" makes them for you in Pleyben in the traditional way. These gluten-free delicacies has made the owner's reputation for more than 40 years now.

Each box comes with 12 florentins

Made in France

Caramel Chocolate: 39% salted butter caramel (sugar, half salted buttercrème fraîche), 24% dark chocolate (cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier, soy lecithin), 14% split almonds, 9% raisins, 7% honey, candied dry orange cubes (orange peel, saccharose, syrup of glucose, acid citric), 4% salted butter caramel nuggets (sugar, caramel with salted butter (sugar, syrup of glucose, butter, water, cream, salt), sugar, water, oat fiber, thickener: sodium alginate, salt, natural flavoring, caramel (sugar), Guérande salt. 
Allergens: milk, soy, almonds, oat
May contain traces of other nuts and egg